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    We have matching Aviation Accessories for Home and Business. Airline Trolleys offers original airplane trolleys that have mastered their service life above the clouds successful.

    The inflight trolleys in ATLAS Standard Standard have thousands of air miles flown above the clouds. The rough flight everyday coined the trolleys and given them a new face.

    The airline trolleys waiting for their final journey: Maybe even to you!

Rounder Airline Trolley
Discarded inflight trolleys from airplanes to advance Kultmöbel

Airline Trolleys are cast in aluminum wanderlust: Whenever we get on a plane, the slim Dolly already expect. From its interior conjure stewardesses then again food, drinks and other things have become available which time passes by quickly.

Millions of kilometers sets each airline trolley above the clouds back before going into well-earned retirement. The well-traveled car you see on the experience, and that is what makes later to real character actors in your home or at your workplace.

The decommissioned aircraft trolleys, which you get from us, we get directly from the passenger cabins, equip them with brand-new Einschüben and care Therefore, this they function perfectly. Because we think that the traces of make up its charm, we verändern keeping talents otherwise optically only if the customer wants it expressly.

Whether the trolley in original condition comes to you or your favorite color or the corporate design of your company carries ⠀ "anything is possible, and one thing is certain: you will receive in any case a unique character, committed to surprisingly versatile lets and your Räumlichkeiten an absolute eye-catcher enriched!

Let yourself be inspired and discover in our online shop many other products around the topic of flying. For example, cargo boxes, which provide vast amounts of storage space, or Belts that we manufacture by hand from the seat belts of the aircraft.

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